Product Ideation

We generate transformative innovations
leveraging years of experience building successful technology products.

Product Ideation

We form fresh ideas through a process called Ideation. We work with founders, product leaders and other stakeholders to identify pain points that can be mitigated by new technologies, then prioritize them for business value.

Our process takes people through Opportunity Identification, Opportunity Analysis, Idea Genesis, Idea Selection, and Roadmapping. The very best ideas thrive in this structure.

We’ll begin by stepping through a variety of techniques designed to maximize fresh idea generation. We help to redefine existing opportunities, we carefully question assumptions, and we work with each person to stimulate a spirited, lively conversation ranging from feature wishing to competing for best/worst ideas. We support the exercise with triggered process/brain walking, semantic intuition, perspective-taking, picture prompting, visual remapping, future-state improvisation, cross-pollination, and other techniques as appropriate.

Ideas generated from this process can be useful for a broad range of downstream strategic, tactical and even operational activities. Our clients have leveraged information generated in this stage for patent protection, informing M&A, pivoting business models, reengineering processes, reducing feature bloat, and shortening process and response times.