Media & Entertainment

We conceive, create, and launch immersive experiences
for engaging maximum audience and optimizing monetization potential.

Media & Entertainment Practice

We conceive, create, and manage strategic solutions for all popular forms of digital media including Broadcast Television, Over the Top Distribution, Live Streaming, as well as iOS, Android, HTML5, Wearable, and Gaming platforms. We advise media companies on pressing strategic and operational issues – finding new revenue models, exploring emerging digital opportunities, and improving the mechanics of customer retention. Our clients rely on us to cover the entire digital media supply chain, to ensure that user experience is kept consistent across platforms. Our operations experience includes live events, premium media, pay per view, video on demand, syndication, global delivery, digital rights management, and rights-holder protection.

In addition to deep technical knowledge, our professionals have real-world experience having worked for some of the largest and most innovative omnimedia companies in the industry including World Wrestling Entertainment. We bring a rich, reusable architecture with proven platforms and solutions to your projects, and we employ advanced methodologies for driving business assessments and platform requirements, the success of which has been realized by our clients many times over.

We Serve

  • Entertainment Media & Gaming
  • News Providers
  • Broadcasting Companies
  • Financial Information Providers
  • Content Distributors
  • Knowledge Management Organizations
  • Advertising Networks
  • Search Engine Providers

We Specialize In

  • Content Management
  • Information Discovery
  • Content Aggregation
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Extract, Transform, Load Solutions
  • Advanced Indexing and Search
  • Mobile Content Delivery
  • Content Distribution Management
  • Advertisement Management
  • Game Design & Gaming Concepts